You can engage with Artio Consulting in the following ways:

Hourly consulting

Ad hoc - Not sure exactly how many calls you will want? No problem. The ad hoc calls are perfect for founders and teams that want to set up a time to drill through ideas that are keeping them up at night: who to partner with, what influencers haven’t been considered, SKUs that people really want, what’s standard in the industry, what is missing from the bigger picture?

Package of five hours - If the track record proves itself, this is perfect for you. Sign up with Artio no matter what stage of your launch you are currently in and get the necessary guidance you need to keep things moving with your team, outreach strategies, and network in the right direction.

Package of ten hours - Bring Artio on as a de facto member of your team, joining planning sessions and helping to contribute and edit materials.

Call topics include:

  • How to launch a campaign - If you want the 101 from an industry insider.

  • Products and Incentives - Brainstorms around what types of offerings you can add to your campaign and more.

  • Social media - What channels to prioritize and where to start. How to get more out of an existing social media presence.

  • “The Crowd” - If you just want to know and understand more about the crowd in crowdfunding or you need to know how best to handle engaging the crowd with difficult updates or delays.

  • PR and Influencer Outreach - Which outlets to reach out to, strategies for getting more out of your influencer outreach, and how best to engage with the media.

  • Partnerships - Knowing what to ask for and which partners might be the best fit for your launch goals.

  • Costs - How best to price your products and what costs you should anticipate.

  • Reviews - A review of your launch materials, campaign pages, press releases, and more.

  • And more! Product launches all have different needs. Based on an initial call, there will be a clear direction of what your company’s needs are and how best I can help.

Monthly retainer

Monthly retainers - If you want to make sure that my calendar stays clear for your launch needs for a max of 36 hours in a given month, retainers are the best option.

Given that there are other obligations, the 36 hours will be broken up by week (9 hours/week).

Retainer services:

Retainer services include all of the call topics listed above as well as research and copy writing support.

Public speaking, interviews, and mentorship

For organizations interested in having Sarah Meister, founder of Artio Consulting, present on, speak to, or mentor on any of these areas of expertise, please email